Learn Open ChordsSo, you are done with learning Basic Open Chords and able to play them very well? It’s time to learn how to move your fingers from one chord to another.

Frustrating, isn’t it? When you try to move your left hand from one chord to another, the rhythm has already gone for a toss!

To start playing songs nicely, you do not need to able to play the chords only but also you need to know to change them effectively without breaking the strumming technique and the flow of the right hand. Initially, this can seem to be very difficult. But as with other musical instruments, regular practice does wonder.

I still remember how frustrating it was to play the chord but not able to change to another. But I don’t remember when I actually got comfortable changing or moving them easily. I just kept following the same routine, playing the chords & trying to move fingers from one chord to another until the brain recognized the finger shapes that were required for different chords and transferred the whole process into the subconscious mind.

Practice makes a man perfect. If you give up on the way, playing the guitar would always be a dream for you. But if you persist & perspire, you are sure to win the game.

Lets brief you about some important tips which will ensure you are working on the right path and speeds up the learning procedure.

  • Correct Hand Position

The left-hand thumb should be on the back of the guitar neck supporting instead of rising to the top of the guitar. This helps you in stretching left-hand fingers for Open G & F chords and further critical barre chords.


  • Improve Finger Dexterity

Instead of holding your guitar neck hard & stiff, it is very crucial to keep your left-hand loose which would be more adaptable than a stiff one.


  • Permutations & Combinations

Try all possible combinations of changing the open chords. Always start with the easy chords like D to G chord or Emin to C chord. Once you are comfortable with these, move on to tougher ones like G to F chord or A to G chord.


  • Perfect way to Practice

This is how you should keep on practicing it: Play a chord three times a bar, then change to another chord and play it three times a bar again, then come back to the previous chord. Follow your own pattern at the start, whatever makes you feel comfortable like D or G, or C or G. Practice it till you are so comfortable that you can change the chords without seeing you left-hand fingers! It will take some time, so be patient and keep practicing.


  • Ignore Barre Chords at the Start

At the start, practice only with open chords, don’t try to change to barre chords. This might make you feel de-motivated, but first, you get used to basic open chords, and then go ahead with barre chords.


  • Practice makes a man (guitarist) perfect

Like other things, there is a saying that “practice makes a man perfect” which is true in all aspects & lessons of life. All the tips and tricks are useless if you don’t practice enough. By enough, I don’t mean to practice 5-6 hours non-stop, no way! 20-30 minutes a day is more than sufficient for a beginner. Just keep yourself motivated by whatever inspires you and keep you practicing harder. You will achieve all you expected in the end.


Don’t lose hope; don’t give up till you succeed.

Go, grab your guitar and start chording right away right now 😉