This guide is for you to lead through the basic fundamentals of guitar playing & the intro of the guitar chords itself. Meant for those who just picked up the guitar for the first time, & don’t know where to start from.

Holding a Guitar

Beginner guitar lessons

The very first thing you need to know before you grab your guitar is to relax yourself. Playing any instrument first time may make you feel tense, that feeling is really painful which may make you feel uncomfortable. If that feeling comes to you, stop playing. Take a little break & go back to your practice session again. Make yourself comfortable before playing with a right sitting position. It’s completely up to you how holding a guitar makes you more comfortable & suits your body language.

What is the same for every playing style, classical or regular, is the position of the neck. It has to be slightly titled up, so you can hold the frets easily. Always keep your guitar a little separated from your body, no matter which leg you are using to put your guitar on. This way you will have a complete control over the instrument.

Learning Easy Chords

You are right, it’s easy to learn begin with open chords & you can play lots of Hindi, English songs and impress your family & friends. You can call yourself a beginner guitarist after knowing these easy to learn open chords.

After mastering these chords you can play any song with your guitar alongside a singer. Some beginners think of playing guitar only to play a tune of their favorite songs which is just one side of the coin. Chords, as a definition is a combination of multiple notes played together. Instead of plucking a individual string, you would strum multiple strings.

Remember while practicing, strum the chords & then play each particular note one by one, still holding your left hand to ensure every note is sounding perfect.

Let’s get straight into the basic open chords.

Easy Major Chords

Learn D Major CHordD major is one of the easiest chords to play. While strumming D, don’t strum the 5th & 6th string, which would sound really bad. A little bit practice would make you perfect in understating the right approach used to feel the chords & tune.

If you want chords to sound good, always remember which strings have to be hit & which have to be left.


Learn E major Chords

I don’t think you would find easiest chord to play then its minor version. All the strings need to be strummed in this chord, so you don’t have to worry about any string to leave.


Learn A Major Chord

A major chord can take you sometime to get more comfortable with your fingers.  It might seem difficult to play at first, but it is quite easier than it seems. As we practice more our fingers would adjust quickly with time and rhythm.

There is an alternative way of playing these chords by barring the three strings, also called Barre chords. But this is advanced level of playing chords. Always prefer to learn previous way if you are a beginner.


Easy Minor Chords

Learn E Minor Chord

E minor is the easiest chord in the world of Guitar. It is just similar to E major with the 1st finger lifted.

You can choose any of your two fingers you are comfortable with for playing this chord, as requirement is pressing only two frets. It actually depends on the chord which follows next while playing rhythm of any song.


Learn A Minor Chord

Exactly like E major chord, but all fingers moved downwards a string. Just to be perfect you don’t need to hit the sixth string.

Learn D Minor Chords

As per my guitar playing experience, I have always preferred this way of playing the chords using a capo than others, that’s just my way of playing. The alternative barre chords are more common but also pay to know this as well, so better practice it.



The Most Popular G Major Chord

Learn G Major Chord

Yes, easy to play & my all time favorite chord. The sound makes a beautiful connection between ear & heart.

This chord makes an interesting stretch between your all four used fingers. The dexterity of your fingers will make it easy with practice. There are so many songs opens up with this chord, so it is very important chord. So, practice it more and ensure you play each note individually as well.


All Time Favorite C Major Chord

Learn C Major Chord

This is my first chord I have started playing in my guitar journey. It is used in most of the popular songs, I play. So better to go to master this chord. It is very easy to learn. The sixth string should not be played to sound perfect.  You can also use your 3rd finger to mute the 6th string by lightly touching it with the tip.

Amazing F Major Chord

Learn Fmaj Chord

A nightmare for every beginner. A little tough part of it is holding both the 1st & 2nd string frets with your first finger. Instead you can use your 1st finger to bar the frets like barre chords. But it is recommended to start learning with this one.

This is little tougher than other chords.  Keep your arms relaxed while practicing this chord.



So, above are all the basic fundamental of open chords which you must learn to call yourself a beginner guitarist.

After you’ll feel that the major chords exhibits more happiness whereas the minor chords sounds gloomy.